Wind Turbine

Wind turbine in a wind tunel with individual blade pitching, measurement devices in critical mechanical parts and controllable wind conditions for emulating large, megawatt class wind turbine.

Photovoltaic Powerplant

Large PhotoVoltaic plant comprising 6 groups of 3.5 kWp panels and one group of 1.5 kWp (22,5 kWp total), where 3 groups are on two-axes trackers (fully controllable in tilt and azimuth) and 3 groups have customized controllable power converters for maximum power point tracking and reactive energy injection.

Building Temperature Control Living-lab

A 10,000 m2 Living-lab pilot on Faculty's skyscraper building for predictive building zones control, including 250 offices with smart controls via software modules on top of building database, integrating zones, central HVAC, photovoltaics and battery storage.

IoT Wireless Zone Control Living-lab

In addition to Building Temperature Control Living-lab, a single floor of the building, comprising 25 offices, is equipped with over 100 Z-Wave sensors, relays and gateways for distributed predictive zone control. Measurements of CO2, carbon compounds, humidity, dew point, multi-point temperature, illumination, motion and window opennes are archived in the central database.

Laboratory Microgrid and Electrical Measurements

Laboratory microgrid (PV + hydrogen + batteries + supercapacitor + emulator of the kW-scale wind turbine), all interfaced to the 48 VDC link via controllable power converters and connected to Faculty’s distribution network with comprehensive power meters network.

Wind Turbine Emulator

kW-scale wind turbine electrical subsystem emulator with fully controllable (transistor-level) generator and grid power converters, with  capability of stator windings short circuit.

Hydrogen Storage System

Hydrogen storage system (electrolyser + hydrogen storage + fuel cell) with controllable converters.

Battery and Supercapacitor Storages

52 kWh LiFePO4 batteries, 24 kWh VRLA batteries and a 93 F supercapacitor storages with controllable converters.

Weather Measurement Infrastructure

Solar irradiance measurement infrastructure, comprising automated direct and diffuse solar irradiance measurement as well as reflected and global solar irradiance. Collaboration with Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service provide LARES various correlated data.