Possible student assignments

  • Greenhouse building (practical)
  • Raspberry Pi setup (installation of OS, necessary software)
  • Connecting of sensors and actuators with the Raspberry Pi, communication testing etc.
  • Development of code for data collection (interaction with sensors, actuators etc.)
  • Simple data logging (txt files)
  • Database setup
  • Manual greenhouse control (unrefined – not user friendly)
  • Assembling the power supply components (PV panel, battery, voltage regulators)
  • Development of the thermal model of the greenhouse
  • Initial assessment of power consumption of the automation system and dimensioning of power supply system


  • Database creation and data acquisition
  • Web-site creation and data presentation (Mobile phone application creation?)
  • Various model identifications/estimations
  • Prediction of power consumption/production
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Automatic soil humidity control
  • Energy efficient system operation (e.g. limit the number of watering/fan/light bulb actuations, reducing the web-site updates during the night etc.)
  • Estimation of battery state of charge
  • Autonomous system operation?
  • Building an open DC-DC power converter from scratch

And many more to come...