Coordinated control of energy flows in combined heat and electricity microgrid of a building

Project abstract

In addition to forecasting the price of electricity, heat and gas through the observation period, forecasting the needs for electricity and heat in the building, and forecasting local production of electricity and heat, it is necessary to calculate the optimal mode of storage of electricity or heat and energy conversion from one form to another. It is crucial to ensure the minimum economic cost of all energy for the building during the observation period.



Mini projects

  • Introduction to possible configurations of electrical and thermal microgrids and to simple mathematical models of individual elements. Implementation in the Matlab Simulink environment.


  • Formulation of the optimal control problem and its solution with appropriate mathematical optimization tools, such as IBM CPLEX for the selected configuration.


  • Determining the local economic sensitivity with regard to the planned profiles of electricity and heat consumption in the building so that they can be re-adjusted within the given comfort limits for the building. Use of existing microgrid equipment in the laboratory and living-lab environment to control the heating / cooling system on the ninth floor of the skyscraper.



Additional information

Number of students



smart building, model predictive control, energy effiecinecy, microgrids, energy storages