Wind speed and direction estimation based on wind turbine mathematical model


To design an advanced control system for a wind turbine that takes structural loads on the individual blade as well as production maximization requirements into account, it is good to have velocity and direction information of the wind acting on the turbine rotor. Direction and velocity of wind are measured by anemoscope and anemometer placed on the nacelle. These measurements are dependent on the local environment so they can't be used as a representative sample of real values used as an input to a simplified mathematical model derived for the design of the control system. For this thesis, one must estimate wind velocity and direction, based on process measurements and a simplified mathematical model with elastic blades. For process modeling, the student will use MATLAB, and for validation of the developed estimator student will use the aeroelastic simulator FAST.


  1. The mathematical model of a wind turbine must be identified, which will be used for estimator development.
  2. Carry out the synthesis of the stochastic estimator for estimation of wind velocity and direction and generate preliminary results of wind velocity and direction estimation.
  3. Validate developed estimator using MATLAB and the aeroelastic simulator FAST. Consider different forms of estimators for quality of estimation improvements.

Additional information:

  • Number of students: 1
  • For undergraduate or graduate students