Mia Vrbat


  • Coordinated model predictive control of energy input in multi-zone building, bachelor's thesis, 2018


  • Control for coordinated operation of fan coils in a building, master's thesis, 2020




Title: Control for coordinated operation of fan coils in a building

This thesis describes coordinated optimal control of a building heating system which is divided in two levels. On the higher control level the optimal heating power inputs are calculated using model predictive control, while on the lower level following those power inputs optimal control actions are calculated and sent to fan coils in a building. Building and fan coil models are described and used to implement the optimal control. In this paper few algorithms for lower level control are described and compared on peak power consumption, temperature deviation in rooms in the building and algorithm execution speed.


Keywords: building thermal model, fan coil model, model predictive control, peak power, consumption curve, coordinated control