Upgrade of the FER skyscraper smart building system with web application for managing occupancy of offices and classrooms


Project abstract

The FER skyscraper smart building system occupancy handling is based on the information from the FER business system. The information from the business system contains the data on sick leaves, holiday leaves and business trips. Recently, due to the situation with Corona virus, many FER employees decided to work from home, leaving a lot of offices empty.  In such situation, unaware that the offices are empty, the control system keeps the comfort and wastes energy unnecessarily. The proposed web application should give the employee the possibility to manually select the dates during which he will not be in the office. The access to the application should be granted only to employees. The selected dates should be transformed into the information suitable to be an input into the FER smart building system and as such it should be stored in smart building system database.


Project description

The first step towards the development of the proposed web application is definition of the user interface and input/output interface towards the smart building system database. The idea is, after the granted access to application, to show the user an interactive calendar on which he can select dates during which the office will be empty. In case the user has already selected the dates for upcoming period, those dates should be marked on the presented calendar, and it should be possible to modify them. The user should be able to freely select one or multiple days. The testing of the application will be performed on a back-up copy of smart database to prevent possible data losses. In case the application will perform well, it is possible to integrate the application to be part of the FER skyscraper smart building system.


Additional information

  • Number of students: 1
  • Keywords: smart building control, smart occupancy system, database, web application, user interface