Year of 2017

David Krištofić

Determination of optimal control and corresponding economical cost for the air handling unit operation, master thesis, 2017 

Keywords: HVAC, AHU, Thermal Model of Heater, Thermal Model of Cooler, Energy Modeling, Control.


Rafaela Vujević

Economically optimal climate control in building zones equipped with heating and cooling elements and forced ventilation, master thesis, 2017 

Keywords: zone ventilation, air conditioning, reheating, comfort, economic viability, control, MPC, sequential linearization, HVAC.


Petra Bucić

Distributed optimal batteries charging control for electric vehicles fleet, bachelor thesis, 2017 

Keywords: Electrical vehicles fleet, battery management system, distributed model predictive control, game thoery


Pavle Gamoš

Model predictive control of thermally-activated building systems, master thesis, 2017 

Keywords: floor heating; electrical heating; ceiling cooling; Simulink; RC-network; MPC


Matko Kušenić

Optimal wind turbine control supported with LIDAR sensor measurements, master thesis, 2017 

Keywords: wind turbine; structural loads; LIDAR; wind speed estimation; MPC; FAST