Year of 2018

Petra Bucić

Distributed optimal batteries charging control for electric vehicles fleet, masters seminar, 2018

Bucić, Petra; Lešić, Vinko; Vašak, Mario. Distributed Optimal Batteries Charging Control for Heterogenous Electric Vehicles Fleet // Proceedings of the 26th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation. 837-842

Keywords: Electrical vehicles fleet, battery management system, distributed model predictive control, game theory


Borna Kovačević

Design of application for display of states and diagnostics for heating and cooling zones of a building, bachelor thesis, 2018

Keywords: 3Smart, heating, cooling, energy management, fan coil unit, maintenance, temperature, web application


Denis Vaupotić

Room illumination model suitable for energy management systems, bachelor thesis, 2018

Keywords: daylight illumination, lighting, model identification, model predictive control, dynamic blinds


Ivana Bašljan

Optimal management of energy consumption in homes due to user behavior, masters seminar, 2018

Keywords: Energy saving, mathematical model, IDA-ICE


Ornela Rodić

Optimal management of energy consumption in homes with variable loads and tariffs, masters seminar, 2018

Keywords: Energy efficiency, mathematical model, IDA-ICE


David Trojko

State of charge estimation of a lithium ion car battery, bachelor thesis, 2018

Keywords: Battery Management System, State of Charge, Unscented Kalman Filter, Internal States, Covariance