Year of 2016

Filip Rukavina

Control of room heating through commanded energy input in timemaster thesis, 2016

Keywords: Fan coil model, model identification, MPC, model predictive control, mixed integer optimization, control of room heating


Mateja Car

Controller design and implementation for the grid-side converter of an emulated wind turbinemaster thesis, 2016

Keywords: Back-to-back power converter, LCL filter, dampening and virtual resistor, notch filter, DC-link voltage control


Tena Bego

Optimal wind turbine control with constraints on admissible structural loadsmaster thesis, 2016

Keywords: wind turbine, parameter identi cation, model predictive control, structural loads


Mislav Hruškar

Model predictive control of battery energy storage for application in railway transport systemsmaster thesis, 2016.

Keywords: battery storage, energy efficiency, piecewise affine model estimation, battery state of health preservation, model predictive control, mixed-integer quadratic program


Luka Baranašić

Optimal microgrid coordination via parametric optimizationmaster thesis, 2016.

Keywords: microgrid, hierarchical control, parametric programming, model predictive control, continuous quadratic knapsack problem, breakpoint search algorithm, variable fixing algorithm, single-shot method, iterative method